Compulsive Players Offered Help on Gambling Sites?

There is a lot of information offered online about treatment to stop gaming, advice for players that wants to quit, players private, stop gaming community forums, etc. Ironically, you will find many articles that offer advice to people who SLOTO89 would like to quit gaming on actual gaming and gambling on websites.

Unfortunately, this is only a cynical use of Internet marketing techniques to attract relevant traffic to gaming sites. The casinos know that if someone is dependent on gaming and he gets on their website, he is more likely to gamble on their site than other visitors. Further, when someone is looking for a solution to their gaming problem, they are weak and vulnerable. They are seeking help because they are desperate, but at the same time, all it might take for them to start gaming at the time is a trigger : like landing on a site where they can gamble.

Don’t be hoodwinked. It’s not that the gaming sites are interested in aiding problem players that end up there. It’s precisely the opposite : they are looking to attract people at their most vulnerable moment. Here’s how it works:

  1. Internet gaming internet marketers know the way the internet works. They also know the way the internet is an irresistible temptations for problem players. And once they get a problem gambler on their site, they know there is a good chance he will stay and play (and lose).
  2. The internet is just about the first place the average problem gambler searches for help for his problem. They conduct searches for “gamblers anonymous”, “treatment for problem gambling”, “help for gaming problem”, etc. Some may even be looking specifically to block gaming sites. Even gaming filtration system are offered on many gambling on sites. The very websites that created the problem — casinos, poker games, blackjack, bingo and numerous other designs of gambling on online — want to be there to welcome problem players. So one of these supply the content that a compulsive gambler is searching for.
  3. These sites don’t actually create advice and tips for problem players. They scrape articles from repository and add deliver content created by others. It is sophisticated and it is underhanded. But it is not illegal. Countless players, who have made a decision to work towards recovery, are surprised to find themselves on yet another gaming site facing temptations.

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