Commercial Architectural Metals — Common Types Used in Construction

Over the years, the use of industrial metals has grown exponentially due to a variety of factors. Industrial metals are highly durable, lightweight, available in countless colors, and a great way to brand your business. Metal manufacturing companies offer innovative technology offering such systems as rain screen, flush caulk joint, dry complience seal, and a grp composite metal architects in Miami panel infill systems. They also design and fabricate custom sunscreens with covers up to 15 legs and projections of up to 6 legs. Most commercial sunscreens come with a wide variety of blade shapes, out rigger options, installing options, and color/finishes options.

Industrial aluminum is a popular metal product because aluminum is lightweight, easily fashioned, easily cut/machined, non-corrosive, and can be anodized in a range of colors. One downfall of aluminum is the actual softness of the material can hinder the overall durability and life of the product. A sample of projects featuring industrial aluminum materials including Nederland School, Parker Adventist Hospital, and Jefferson District Open Schools.

Industrial stainless-steel offers a variety of benefits for commercial buildings including physical durability, durability to weather, and a nice overall look. Sometimes the rigidity of the material can pose some difficulties from a workability understanding (fabricating and machining) but overall, industrial stainless-steel is a terrific, long-lasting product that is ideal for many projects.

Industrial photographer is normally a more decorative metal used to enhance the appearance of a building. Photographer offers lots of advantages to commercial general contractors including a natural look, little to no maintenance, durability, non-corrosive, and pre-patina options. Photographer can be easily folded and fashioned for more intricate designs such as cupolas and domes. As with any metal, photographer contains some pitfalls including high initial cost and difficulties working with the material. Samples featuring industrial photographer including Beauvallon, University of Colorado Ruffatto Lounge, and the Wildlife Experience.

Industrial zinc is quite similar to photographer in terms of its durability, appearance, workability, and price. Zinc can certainly liven up a building’s appearance and provide a fresh, natural look. A variety of buildings featuring industrial zinc are the Urology Clinic of Colorado, National Renewable Energy Research laboratory (NREL), and Wyoming IT.

Industrial metal offers lots of advantages to your building and with so many quality products on the market, why not enhance its appearance for many years to come? The best course of action is to find is a one-stop metal manufacturing shop for all your industrial metal needs. From rain screen, flush caulk joint, dry complience seal, and grp composite metal panel infill systems to any type of sunscreen possible, a quality metal manufacturing company can design, fabricate, and ship any product to your building, oftentimes at a fraction of the cost and time of other companies.

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