Are you Still Using Tap water to make Baby Formula?

Using tap water to make baby formula is an dangerous practice. Buying “nursery water” is a better option, but not the best. Installing a home purification system is the best choice and also less toxic infant formula lawsuits expensive than buying gallon jugs of nursery water. If you’re a new parent or about to become one, here’s what you should know.

The safety of public supplies depends upon extrapolating an amount that you will find toxic to a 175 pound adult. The amount that could be toxic to a newborn is, of course, cheaper. I realize that everyone is trying to save money these days, but this is not the place to do it.

In addition to chemicals that could be immediately toxic, there is chlorine to worry about. Chlorine causes anemia in children. It is toxic to the central nervous system and may even cause developmental problems.

If you use tap water to make baby formula, you may be unveiling your child to perchlorate. It has been found in over 700 test sites around the country. It could cause dysfunction of the thyroid gland and developmental problems, but the EPA does not regulate the compound. Only two states regularly test for it and post the results in their quality reports.

If you are buying bottled nursery water, you are unveiling your child to chemicals used to make the plastic. Two of the BPA and phthalates have been in recent news reports, as more and more scientific researchers attempt to get the substances banned in products designed for children.

Both chemicals can cause permanent changes in the reproductive tract. They behave like the hormone estrogen in a child’s body. So, in girls, they can cause early puberty. In boys, they can cause feminization of genitalia.

So, buying those jugs is just as dangerous as using tap water to make baby formula, but there is another option. We have the technology, today, to help promote detox our water in our home. In addition to the chemicals mentioned above, there are tiny parasitic cysts that can kill an infant. They may be present in any publicly treated supply and are even found in some bottled brands.

The best counter kitchen unit on the market costs around $100. It provides all of the steps necessary to insure your infant’s safety. It’s important for the rest of your family, as well, since many of the chemicals in tap-water increase your risk of cancer.

Using tap water to make baby formula is perfectly safe, if you have an effective home unit. The cost savings over buying bottled can cost you $1000 each and every year. Remember that experience of chemical impurities can also occur during showering. We are exposed to these chemicals in many other ways, every day. We need to limit our exposure if you can ,, if we want to live long healthy lives. So installing a shower filter or a entire home water purification unit is also a good idea.

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