Ancient Japanese Culture and Modern Japan — The Impacts Seen Today

This is a broad ranging topic pots an exhaustive account of history and sociology. Since i live in Japan I will give you just a few points to explore based on my experience living and working through Japan. How has Japan changed since ancient times to the present has a lot to do with the national identity and character associated with Japanese people culture.

In Ancient Japan, the japanese were an agrarian people. They toiled in their fields and farmlands containing crops, organic, and fruit that they would either sell on the market, trade with others, or acquire for marauding samurai. In terms of wealth the japanese were poor, but they shared what they had. We were looking at generous and thoughtful.

There was a strong sense of community amongst the Japanese people people and a strong devotion to the power structure. That means following socially acceptable norms of the times, and not questioning this power structure nor the costa rica government. You did what you were told.

Strong community cohesiveness was very important for the Japanese people back then, even during the roughest of times. Giving was more important than receiving. Trust was not earned, it was given regardless of who you were. Your word was your bond.

Virtues such as patience, kindness, mercy, and devotion to the martial spirit were common place. Letters and the martial arts disciplines flourished in ancient Japan and the great strove to excel in these areas. There was a feel for of wholesomeness and purity that transcended money and power.

Modern Japan has all but forgotten about the core virtues. Many of them focus only on their jobs and careers while caring very little about other people. Trust no longer exists outside of each fighter’s closed community, and the great no longer welcome guests nor do they open their doors to them. The computer is the new paradigm for socializing. Young people have become more withdrawn from society, no longer able to deal with the constraints of dating, marriage, and career.

Many young working professionals have settled for underperforming positions for their companies because they have no interest in being promoted. Japanese people culture has lost a lot of its appeal with the younger generation. Japanese people kids are interested in Christmas and Halloween and celebrations that have nothing to do with their own culture and history. Selfishness has replaced generosity. The ancient ways of Bushido are no longer taught in modern academia, and is considered old and outdated. Where there was trust, now there is fear. Where there was hope, now there is doubt.

What’s left are fragmented waste Japan’s culture. You can still see the culture in its cooking, but slowly and gradually you see more blend concepts being taken into Japanese people cooking. National sports such as Sumo, Judo, and Kendo are no longer considered holy and pure, now these sports are tainted in scandal over criminal accusations of misconduct.

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